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Adam welcomes Shaun White back to the podcast, and the guys discuss his incredible two-day festival bringing the mountains to the cities. Adam asks some questions about Olympic Snowboarding and they also talk about the future of extreme sports. Later they chat about how Shaun reacts to the attention he gets, and his process for creating new tricks to perform. On the phones today, Adam talks with a caller about moving on from learning his spouse had an affair, and whether or not he should get a post-nup.

Alex Borstein is in studio for the second half of the show, and Adam talks with her about their 20 years of history together. They also discuss the infamous story of Alex telling Adam to eff off in his own apartment, and the inspiration for Mrs. Swan. Adam then chats with another caller about youth sports. After that, Alison reads news stories about the Rams’ gesture of protest, and Bill Cosby resigning from a University Board of Trustees. As the show wraps up, everyone talks about Black Friday shopping.



Get more info on Shaun’s event at, and follow him on Twitter @ShaunWhite

Watch Alex on Getting On, Sundays at 10:30 on HBO. You can also visit, and follow her on Twitter @AlexBorstein.


Olympic Snowboard Fall

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