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Adam opens the show with Larry Miller in studio right from the beginning. He talks a bit about the cool project he’s working on with Kevin Smith and Kevin Pollack, and talks with Alison about the (late) ACE Broadcasting Christmas Party. Alison then jumps into the news, talking about Oprah’s revealing family secret, and the sad passing of Jack LaLanne. In entertainment news, Alison lists some of the nominations for the Razzies. The guys also discuss the demise of M. Night Shyamalan, and all the crappy Nic Cage movies. Alison brings up the devastating news that Marriott hotels are phasing out porn. There’s talk about the recent suicide bombing in Russia, and Adam and Larry talk about the important difference America has made in the world. After the break, back in-studio with Seth MacFarlane. The guys talk about Seth’s love of classic music and live orchestral arrangements. They also talk about his early days animating for Hanna-Barbera, and Adam complains about all the crappy cartoons they put out. Seth also talks about the early days of putting Family Guy together, and Adam discusses his own issues getting an animated pilot off the ground. As the show wraps, Seth reads a section of Adam’s book in the voice of Stewie.


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Producers: Mike Lynch and Mike Dawson Writer: Mike Lynch?Audio/Voice Over: Mike Dawson Associate Producer: Katie Levine?Production Engineer: Logan Moy Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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