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Adam opens the pod thanking Dog Haus for the amazing catered lunch. He then complains about producer Gary not being around for today’s show due to a Bachelor Party, and then takes a call from a fan who’s heading to Vegas for his own. They also follow up with the caller who received a parking ticket from his neighbor. Adam then shares his thoughts on the ESPN layoffs, and talks about how TVs are following the same path as telephones. Before the break, Adam shares some interesting Earth Day predictions, and rants about Mayor Garcetti’s latest speech.

Sean Gunn is in studio next, and the guys discuss the new Guardians of the Galaxy film that comes out next week. They also talk about the amazing technology that allows Sean to be in the film, and everyone plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Gina then begins the news warning of the rise of artificial intelligence. Other stories involve Kim Kardashian’s life changing robbery experience, Johnny Depp’s surprise Disneyland visit, and Tom Hardy’s citizens arrest. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss vegetarians and vegans that go back to eating meat, and why no one should have tattoos to make a statement.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is in theaters May 5th. For more info on the film, visit You can also follow Sean on Twitter @SeanGunn.




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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson
Co-Producers: Gary Smith, Chris Laxamana, and Matt Fondiler
Newsgirl: Gina Grad
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop