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Adam opens the show talking about his experiences winning the Long Beach Grand Prix and why you need to make the adrenaline work for you. Adam also takes everyone through the race, and shows everyone some cool racetrack footage. Bald Bryan then reviews this week’s movie of choice for ‘Hooray for Baldywood’, and Mark Ellis of Schmoes Knows comes in to discuss several other upcoming summer films. Before beginning the news, Adam talks about hilarious exchanges with Jeff Ross about men who wear capes, and why Snoop Dogg hates Cadillacs. Alison then updates the gang with this weekend’s Boston news, and David Ortiz’s F-bomb. Adam wraps up the show talking with his crew about how we know nothing about life at age 18.


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First lap Passing sisto and bell Seat fail Pulling into 2nd Crossing the finish & victory lap Big Wheel Backflip [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"] David Ortiz Speech  

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