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Adam just got back from another episode of Catch a Contractor that taped almost 50 miles from his house. He talks about his harrowing drive fighting traffic, and then takes a call from Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. The guys talk about their upcoming show in Vegas, and also the strategies involved with cutting a deal at a pawn shop. Adam also talks about his days trying to trade in tools, and Rick’s cool car collection. Later, Adam discusses nearly missing his mom’s birthday again, and talks to the fan who tweeted him to remind him. The guys also talk with callers about mandatory sexual harassment meetings, and where they would live if they could live anywhere.

Ross Tucker calls in next and talks with Adam about his seven years in the NFL. They also talk about going to Princeton, and nearly being on one of the 9/11 flights. Adam then asks him about his thoughts on which NFL team may be the dark horse, and Bald Bryan talks to him about fantasy football. After that, Alison gives an update on putting the pieces together for what happened to her dog. They also discuss Joan Rivers’ cardiac arrest, ESPN’s apology about Michael Sam’s showering habits, and a USC player suspended indefinitely for lying about an injury. As the show wraps up, everyone comments on Dawson’s crazy hair.


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