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Adam comments on a recent Dove commercial he saw about self esteem, and gets into an intense discussion with Alison and Bryan about how you would tell your obese kid to get in better shape. The guys also play a round of Made Up Movie and break down some Kenny Rogers classics. Ultraman Rich Roll enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about why the Iron Man competition is such a specific distance. He chats about running five of his own Iron Mans, on five islands in five days. Adam also asks him about the vegan lifestyle, and Rich discusses how Adam’s podcast helped him break through during his training.  Today’s news opens with a story about texting while driving. A new case is asking whether or not the person who texted you while you were driving is to be blamed for your accident. Adam suggests this sort of thing will only happen more frequently now that technology makes driving easier and thus more likely to be distracted. The show wraps up with a conversation about the Unabomber’s Harvard reunion.


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