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Adam opens the show asking Gina about how she lost her virginity, along with an assist from Huell Howser. Adam then takes a fan phone call about keeping his garage organized. Next up, Adam chats with Matt Ralston who is running for city council in West Hollywood. The guys discuss officers that harass their citizens, and the allegedly corrupt city council in West Hollywood. Later, Adam talks with more callers about his ‘What Happened’ podcast, his thoughts on substance abuse, and trying to move on from a girl who’s ignoring you.

Nahnatchka Khan and Melvin Mar are in studio next, and Adam talks to them about their backgrounds, and the impact of the internet around the world. They also discuss the state of diversity in casting, and the lack of Asians represented in Hollywood. Gina then opens the news with a story about Geraldo Rivera saying hip-hop culture has done immeasurable damage to society. They also discuss a pediatrician that discriminated against the baby of a lesbian couple, and infrared microwaves. As the show wraps up, the group talks about people who signed up for a one-way trip to Mars.



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Hip Hop Racism

Infrared Microwaves

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