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Adam opens the show discussing the latest updates on the edit for Road Hard. He then looks through his Favorited Tweets and discusses a bizarre rating for ‘The Monuments Men’, and a story about the preschool to prison pipeline. Next up, Adam jumps to the phones and answers listener questions about trying to get your friend through a depression, the perfect amount of money to make and still be happy, and the best way to get pet stains out of your hardwood floors.

Matt Walsh is in studio next, and the guys talk about the success of Veep and Adam’s thoughts on zombies and the un-dead. Adam and Matt also talk about competitive improv, and cool new projects he’s a part of, like the new film ‘Into the Storm’. Today’s news starts with a story about Anthony Cumia defending the comments he made on air that recently got him fired. They also discuss Tracy Morgan suing Walmart, a Jurassic Park picture that’s gone viral, and a new sex toy with a built in Go Pro. As the show wraps up, Adam tells the story of Bob the Plumber.


See Matt in ‘Into The Storm’, in theaters August 8th. You can also follow him on Twitter @MrMattWalsh.


Preschool to Prison Pipeline

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