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Adam is happy to announce that ‘An Evening with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager’ is starting to appear on the Billboard charts. He also talks with Alison about some meetings she had today, and the difficulty of getting Sonny to fall asleep last night. In the news, the jury has decided in favor of two Virginia Tech families who say the school did not react quickly enough during the 2007 shooting. The guys also talk about homeless people at South by Southwest, Encyclopedia Britannica, and a new reality show with Clint Eastwood’s family. Adam then jumps to the phone lines. He talks with fans about wedding ceremonies, pedophilia, and how he got his eyebrow scar. He also gives some general advice for building a new house. Matt Paxton of Hoarders then joins the show next, and Adam asks if collecting cars makes him a hoarder. Matt talks about some of the disgusting things he seen during the show’s massive clean-ups, and difficulty of getting patients into therapy.  Later, the guys play a round of Totally Topical Tivo Trivia, where they compete to see who can name the right movie based on the Tivo description. Alison returns to the news talking about Jessica Simpson, the HBO series ‘Luck’, and finally what is the appropriate amount for women to talk about burping and farting. Visit for more on today’s guest.


Encyclopedia Britannica

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