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At the top of the show, Adam talks with Mark Geragos about representing Colin Kaepernick, and ‘feeding the media beast’. They also talk about the ongoing news surrounding Rose McGowan and Harvey Weinstein. Adam then takes fan phone calls about standup comedy, how much money DJs make, and diversity in Hollywood. Up next, Adam brings in Daley Haggar who once worked as a writer for Adam, and recently blogged about her experiences being sexually harassed in Hollywood. Adam talks with her about some of the sleazy things she had to endure, and then the gang plays a round of Blah Blah Blog.

Michael Meyer is in studio after today’s ‘Good Sports’, and Adam talks with him about his journey through China. Michael dives into some of the misconceptions about China, as well as some of the things the Chinese have in common with Americans. Other topics of conversation include the state of China’s economy, how the Chinese perceive the US, and why Michael loves Pittsburgh. Gina then opens the news talking about United airlines firing the crew members who pulled the doctor off the plane earlier this year. They also discuss the Porsche subscription program, and research about your heart rate changing depending on where you watch your sports. As the show wraps up, Dr. Drew drops in and comments on sleep and stress.

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