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Adam opens the show both exhausted and relieved to announce that his new book’s manuscript is completed. He also talks about hiking with the kids on an especially hot day over the weekend. Alison opens the news discussing more fallout from Rush Limbaugh’s comments, and Adam concludes we have too many news outlets and not enough going on. The guys then talk about bears using tools, young people playing Jeopardy, and why Adam won’t get a LiveScan. Maria Menounos joins the studio next and talks with Adam about her new role on Dancing with the Stars. The guys exchange rehearsal stories, and all the awkward intimate moments that happen with your dance partner. Adam also asks her about her gig hosting Extra, and the guys play a round of Blah Blah Blog. Alison returns to the news discussing Dunkin Donuts expansion into China. Maria talks about the six years she spent working at a Dunkin Donuts, and Adam tries to figure out what her favorite type of donut is. The guys also talk about a new Animal House musical, a killer who collected unemployment while in jail, and the muscles that women love most. The show wraps with a discussion of a couple leaked celebrity nude photos. Be sure to catch Maria on Extra, and watch her on Dancing with the Stars beginning March 19th. Also, preorder ‘Not Taco Bell Material’, Adam’s new book, on Amazon.


Don Imus Comments Hearns vs Duran

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