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As the show opens up, Adam talks to Lou about his back-to-back victories as Mr. Universe. They also discuss the docudrama ‘Pumping Iron,’ which stars Lou alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later they talk about Lou’s hearing loss, which began after an ear infection struck him as an infant. Adam is impressed by Lou’s physique and complains that he himself is rather lazy. He explains his motivation as a kid to get in better shape, but now he can’t even walk around the city without his legs getting sore. Adam also asks Lou about his views on supplements and steroids, and how he manages to look so great at age 60. In the last part of the show, Adam and Lou discuss the proper nutritional diet, and the dos and don’ts of staying in shape. Adam also asks Lou about training celebrities like Mickey Rourke and Michael Jackson, and as the show wraps up, Lou talks about overcoming his handicap to become a successful TV star on the classic series ‘The Hulk.’


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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje Producer: Mike Lynch Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Audio: Gary Smith Show Summary: Matt Fondiler