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Adam opens the show talking about Sonny’s growing ‘challenge coin’ collection. He then shares his love of the show ‘Shark Tank’ and his fascination with people who still invent things in a world where we already have everything. Rick Harrison calls in next, and Adam talks with him about his new Trivia Challenge app. The guys also discuss the situation with North Korea, and the state of the world these days. Adam also talks to callers about his ability to relax, and his similarities to the main character on ‘Last Man Standing’.

Lori Greiner calls in next, and Adam continues to explain his enthusiasm for Shark Tank. Lori then talks about her rise to success, and the guys chat about the Drop Stop. Alison then starts out the news discussing her fertility drug regiment, and Adam gets philosophical about the way of the world. The guys then talk about Hollywood’s reactions to ‘The Interview’ getting pulled, and why Bill Cosby must be so happy right now. Alison also gives an update on the Stephen Collins scandal. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about a medical marijuana facility that had a controversial picture of Santa drawn on the outside.


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Stephen Collins

NFL Players Speechless

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