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Adam opens the show talking about having to travel with his former manager while his agent rubbed it in his face that he wasn’t on a private jet. He then talks about a weird experience while on the flight, and getting lost in the Staples Center before watching the Lakers game with Bill O’Reilly. Adam also responds to feedback about last week’s Gavin Newsom interview, and the guys listen back on some highlighted clips and discuss stereotypes coming to life. Lisa Loeb enters the studio next, and Adam talks with her about how money used to mean more when you could actually feel it. They also talk about Lisa’s songwriting beginnings, and ultimately landing a number one single in a popular film. Lisa then performs one of her new songs live. Alison starts up the news next, discussing the verbiage of how Oscars are handed out. They also talk about the cast of ‘Modern Family’ being stuck in an elevator, and the show wraps up with a discussion of inappropriate ‘Keep Calm’ shirts and the movie ‘Gremlins’.


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