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Adam opens the show following up on his recent conversation about paperweights. He also talks about Lynette and Sonny’s visit to the Children’s Hospital, and the guys play a clip of John Popper performing live. Adam then talks with Mark Geragos about the North Hollywood bank robbery from a few years back, and Bald Bryan asks Mark about libel in relation to be accused of homosexuality when you’re not. Kelley James enters the studio next, and the guys talk about a weird ‘accidental drowning’ in Downtown LA. Later, Kelley James does a freestyle rap about Trayvon Martin and blue whales. In today’s news, the guys discuss the jury selection for George Zimmerman’s trial and look back on the way the media handled the incident when it first occurred. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss donating blood, eyeball licking, and two Boston parking spaces worth over half a million dollars.


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