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As the show opens, the guys comment on yesterday’s sound quality and explain some of the work still going on at the studio. Adam also rants about Butters not putting his tools on a towel, and wonders why people don’t embrace learning more. Adam then goes on a jag about sea turtles. Teresa Strasser joins the show next, and makes an exciting announcement. The guys also look back on their old terrestrial radio days, and Teresa presents a new segment called ‘Parents of the Week.’ As Teresa leaves, Jordan Morris and Matt Zaller step in to talk about the ‘Tour de Thrillist,’ and the experience of stunt flying and vomiting. Alison starts up the news with more updates on George Zimmerman’s upcoming trial. They also talk about a controversial photo of Pippa Middleton, and a bizarre new extreme diet. As the show wraps up, the group talks about a creepy hologram debuted at Coachella, and one of the tricks Jennifer Love Hewitt uses to attract men.


Visit to enter for a chance to win an epic 5-city Tour de Thrillist of your own. Also check out Teresa’s blog, You can also get more info on today’s guests via Twitter: @TeresaStrasser, @Jordan_Morris, and @MattZaller Be sure to vote for The Adam Carolla Show on the Facebook iTunes poll.


Diet Brides Feeding Tubes Tupac Hologram [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"]

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