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Adam sits down with ‘Pre-Op Board-Op Bill,’ who used to work with Adam and Bald Bryan during the radio show days. Adam recalls several stories from that period in his life, then talks to Bill about the gay lifestyle. Adam then shares a clip from his recent Jay Leno appearance, and the guys play a round of Gaywalking, where they try to determine if gay guys can get straight-guy questions right.  Next up, Adam welcomes Jonah Goldberg to the studio. Jonah talks about how his mom was the one who brought the Lewinsky scandal to light, and also discusses how liberals suffer from a lack of ideology. Adam and Jonah then chat about Obama’s first term, and some of the issues still troubling our country. The guys also share their thoughts about the French.  Before starting up the news, the guys listen to a couple of hilarious Dick Banks songs. Alison then brings up Forbes’ list of the highest paid women in TV, and the show wraps with a discussion about Sylvester Stallone hiring an investigator to look into his son’s death.


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Producer: Mike Lynch Producer: Mike Dawson Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Newsgirl: Alison Rosen Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop Associate Producer: Gary Smith Technical Director: Chris Laxamana Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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