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At the top of the show, Adam complains about chicken shit tickets, and how to gain experience doing comedy. David Wild is also in studio, and guys share their love of John Hiatt, and also Paul Newman. John Hiatt then calls in, and Adam talks with him about the new album, which Adam has been listening to constantly. John also talks about life in Nashville, and his song that Three Dog Night covered. Adam then asks John if he could get the rights to use that song in his new movie, and David Wild asks him about having Bob Dylan cover one of his songs in a film.

After the break, Morgan Spurlock calls in. Adam talks with him about the production value of his new documentary series, ‘7 Deadly Sins’. The guys talk about some of the crazy people that are profiled in the new show, and embracing your own weirdness. After talking with David about the good old days of KROQ, Alison opens the news discussing an American infected with Ebola, and the guys discuss the burial procedures of various cultures. They also talk about the launch of the new iPhone, and Adam complains about being shamed by Apple’s ad campaign. Later they discuss a US general who died in combat in Afghanistan. As the show wraps up, Adam shares his message of the world needing to get its shit together, and an accidental doll rescue from a hot car.


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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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