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Adam opens the show discussing why his parents would have never wound up on COPS. He also talks about the Porcelain Punisher offering a water bottle to someone who didn’t need it, when Adam pays for the bottles. Later, Adam explains the Replay Gimp to Jo Koy, and the guys make fun of tennis and golf fans dressing like they’re playing. Before Jo heads out, he and Adam do a hilarious reenactment of a fight in front of a nightclub. Next up, John and Morgan Langley discuss the origins of the show COPS, and also the argument over the Reggae theme song. John also talks about his experiences working in Army intelligence, and the COPS racing team. Today’s news opens with a discussion of the situation in Syria. They also discuss George Zimmerman’s latest altercation, the death of Cal Worthington, and whether or not people should be able to build underground bunkers on their property. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the first elephant born from frozen sperm.


Watch the 26th season premiere of COPS, September 14th at 8pm on Spike TV. For more info, visit, or follow on Twitter @CopsTV. You can also visit, or follow him on Twitter @JoKoy.


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