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At the top of the show, the guys jump right into the news. Alison mentions that Los Angeles came second to last in terms of which cities are most desirable to live in. They also talk about a potential baby boom after last year’s Carmageddon, and the problems with everything needing to taste yummy for adults.Joe Walsh and David Wild then come into the studio. Adam asks Joe about where it all began, and Joe explains the journey from high school all the way to joining The Eagles. They also talk about the days playing in The James Gang, and Adam asks Joe to share some of his wildest stories. In the second part of the news, Alison brings up an awkward corporate email that was accidentally sent to an entire company, firing them all. They also talk about a bizarre new cheeseburger crust pizza that is available in the Middle East, and Joe talks about performing with The Eagles in Dubai. Later, they talk about Sarah Silverman’s upcoming full frontal nude scene, sunglasses named after Helen Keller, and a publicist who was killed by a deli sample. As the show wraps up, Joe talks about his wife and kids, and also recalls the time he ran for president.


Joe’s new album, ‘Analog Man’, is available June 5th. Pre-Order it on Amazon. Also be sure to follow Joe on Twitter @JoeWalsh, and David @WildAboutMusic.


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