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Joe Rogan sits down with Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Adam talks with him about the big UFC fight coming up this weekend, and the guys joke about whether or not it’s racist to think black guys have big dicks. The guys also talk about why the government won’t legalize weed, and discuss having an ‘attitude mirror’ when you need it.  At the top of the news, Alison reads through the winners of the Maxim Hot 100. They also discuss the least and most religious cities in the US, and Joe shares some first-hand stories about Scientology and Mormonism. Next up, the guys play a round of Weed Walking, where they try to guess whether or not a stoner can get Dawson’s questions right. In the last part of the show, Joe talks about how different strands of weed affect your mind, and has an in-depth conversation about the psychedelic power of sensory deprivation tanks.


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Producer: Mike Lynch Producer: Mike Dawson Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Newsgirl: Alison Rosen Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop Associate Producer: Gary Smith Technical Director: Chris Laxamana Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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