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Adam opens the show with David Wild and Judith Owen in studio. But first, Adam takes a call from Dave Dameshek. The guys talk about Mangria being available at the Pittsburgh Penguins game happening later on tonight. Adam then talks to Judith about her love of cars, and her marriage to Harry Shearer. After a discussion about the timelessness of the film Spinal Tap, they discuss the making of Judith’s new record, ‘Ebb and Flow’. Later they chat about how and why musicians evolve, and why Adam doesn’t like it.

Joe Perry is in studio next, and Adam shares his love of Aerosmith. They also discuss group dynamics in bands, and having Johnny Depp write a forward for his new book. Adam then asks Joe about the formation of Aerosmith, and why Joe still loves the art of recording music. They also chat about Joe’s relationship with Steven Tyler, and Joe talks about restoring an old BWM that his family acquired. As the show wraps up, Joe talks about taking his family on tour.


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2014 HMSA Vintage Race, Laguna Seca

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