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Adam opens the show talking about his promo shoot today, where he was surrounded by people taking his picture, and catering to his every need. Adam then unveils his new book cover, and the guys play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes game with Matt Atchity. After that, Adam takes fan phone calls about trying to meet girls in a new town, vilifying the people you disagree with, and his first open mic experience. Joe Casey is in studio next, and talks about his love of comics from his childhood to today. The guys listen back on some of Adam’s favorite TV theme songs, and then flip through a Playboy magazine. Alison then starts up the news talking about Justin Bieber’s arrest, the breakup of Captain and Tennille, and her own reservations about getting married. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about NBC’s upcoming live performance of Peter Pan, and Clay Aiken’s very sweet text to Adam.


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Most Interesting Man’s Ex-Wife [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"]

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