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At the top of the show, Adam gives a shout out to Dogtown Dogs who catered a delicious hot dog lunch. Adam then rants about the staff’s choice of dogs and drinks, and shows off a video of his yoga ball balance skills. The guys also talk about raising the twins, and Vinnie Tortorich joins for a round of ‘Will Andrew and Bryan Eat It?’ in honor of Andrew heading back to Boston. Before the break, Adam takes a call about randomly guessing an audience member’s name, and one more about Adam’s parents’ involvement with their grandkids.

Jimmy O. Yang is in studio next, and Adam talks to him about the success of ‘Silicon Valley’, and the genius of show creator Mike Judge. Jimmy also talks about his recent trip to Malaysia to film a new movie, as well as casting diversity in Hollywood. Later they discuss whether or not the Rock should run for President. As the show wraps up, Jimmy shows off the Not Hotdog app.

Silicon Valley airs Sunday at 10 on HBO. For more info on today’s guest, visit and follow him on Twitter @FunnyAsianDude.

Also check out and follow him on Twitter @VinnieTortorich.


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