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Adam opens the show explaining that the next few weeks of podcasts will be shortened due to Adam’s filming schedule. He also complains about trying to find time to memorize lines, being given the wrong info about the winner of the Long Beach Grand Prix, and why we’re all at the mercy of AV guys. Adam then talks with Super Dave Osborne about a new doc he’s in called ‘When Jews Were Funny’, and why there sadly won’t be any more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. After that, Bald Bryan reviews the film ‘Draft Day’ for this week’s Hooray for Baldywood. Jessimae Peluso is in studio next, and she talks with Adam about being awake for the last 24 hours, and drinking early morning Bloody Marys. Adam also asks her about her standup career, and Jessimae explains why she hated doing improv. Alison then reads news stories about the shooting at a Jewish community center in Kansas City, and the death of comedian John Pinette. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss a story about neighbor harassment, and Adam goes on an epic rant about neighbors who never leave the house.


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