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At the top of the show, Alison talks with Adam about bumping into one of his old assistants at a party. Adam also talks about hanging out at Jay Leno’s garage, and brings up the old Man Show sketch that upset LeVar Burton. Dr. Bruce then begins this week’s Healthwatch discussing an important safety tip for people using their grills this summer. Later, the guys take a couple listener calls, and Adam rants about bringing dogs onto airplanes.  Today’s next guest is comedian Jeff Dye, who talks with Adam about growing up south of Seattle. The guys then watch some hilarious parody videos about why the valley is such a dump, and Adam rants about rechargeable batteries. News stories include the death of Ernest Borgnine, the future of the California high-speed rail line, and a salon that offers waxing to girls under 15. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about weird homeless people in Portland, the fascination of 4D movies, and why kids need to stop getting so many toys.


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Van Nuys Parody [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"] Pacoima Parody [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"] Canoga Park Parody [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"] Jay Leno’s Garage *Also, you can see 'Movies Men Don't Want To See' and all the classic Man Show bits on DVD.

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