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Adam opens the show talking about waiting until you’re ready financially to start your family. He also updates everyone on his weight loss, and plays a clip of a bunch of eight year olds taunting their opponents. Up next, Adam welcomes Brian and Andrew to the studio for another unbelievable round of ‘Will Andrew Eat It?’. Before the break, Adam rants about musicians ripping off other people’s artistic creations, and takes fan phone calls about gun rights, dinner etiquette when you’re on a diet, the Zika virus, and transvestites.

JD Roth is in studio next, and Adam chats with him about people loving ‘Catch A Contractor’. JD talks about the transformative power of television, and some of the experiences he’s had producing hit shows like ‘The Biggest Loser’. The guys then talk about JD’s book on weight loss, the dangers of food addiction, and why you need to clean up the space around you and get your head straight. As the show wraps up, Adam recalls an argument he had over painting a room, and JD shares a couple inspirational stories.



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For more info, check out and follow him on Twitter @JDRoth2323.



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