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Adam opens the show explaining once again why he doesn’t care about the World Cup, and why no one else should have to hear about it either. He then complains about having to get up super early for an out of town conference, and the way people dress at the airport. Bald Bryan also shares his own Carolla-esque experience with a security guard. After that, Matt Atchity hosts a biopic-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. Adam also talks with a fan about the Redskins trademark controversy.

Jason Nash and Busy Philipps are in next to promote their new movie, ‘Jason Nash Is Married’. Adam remembers coaching the kids with Jason, and the early days of meeting Busy on Loveline. After discussing their relationships and how the movie got made, Alison starts up the news. Stories include a mayor who resigned after a dog poop scandal, Dr. Oz in hot water after recommending bad products, and a doctor who says that camel milk is the health drink of the future. As the wraps up, Adam complains about Farmer’s Markets.


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Dog Poop Drop

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