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Adam joins the stage with Alison, Bald Bryan, and comedian Mike Birbiglia right from the top. Adam talks about the security in NY, and gives a couple audience members a hard time for what they’re wearing. The guys then take suggestions for What Can’t Adam Complain About, and Adam rants about scholarships, Livestrong bracelets, and hot chicks. Adam also talks about a couple exchanges he had with the Baldwin brothers. Before going into the news, Alison talks about a personal news story: a hotel bellhop saw her naked in her hotel room while she was drying her hair. The guys talk to an actual bellhop in the audience, and try to determine the proper protocol for knocking, as well as tipping. The guys also talks about Obama being in town, and how close New York is to legalizing gay marriage. Adam is then thrilled to welcome ‘This American Life’ executive producer and host, Ira Glass to the show. Ira talks about being a Loveline fan back in the day, and relates to the frustration of bringing a radio show to television. Adam talks to Ira about his favorite episode of TAL, where a man wanted to have his bull cloned, despite evidence saying it was a bad idea. The guys also talk about Adam’s Guinness Book of World Records for Most Downloaded Podcast, and the proper waitress tipping etiquette. Returning to the news, Justin Bieber is in town selling his new perfume, and Bald Bryan has an update about his reaction to Adam’s show last night, since he was in the crowd. The guys also talk about the apprehension of a famous gangster in Santa Monica, and the show wraps up with the audience getting riled up over brand names that may disappear in 2012.


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