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At the top of the show, Adam takes a call from Rich Eisen. The guys talk about the recent touchdown debacle in the NFL, and what the refs should have done. Adam also shares his unique view of how play reviews should be handled in the future. Adam then gives updates on his Dad’s health, rants about a dirty water fountain he came across, and explains what it all means for society. Next up, Adam welcomes Harland Williams back to the show. They talk about Harland’s MMA parties, and Adam tries to get him to do more bird noises. Harland then asks Adam about his recent appearances on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and the guys complain about the power of Hi-Def television. Adam also rants about the corrective helmet that the doctors wanted to Sonny to wear. As the show wraps up, Alison reads a news story about the morning after pill being available to students at certain public high schools.


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