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Adam opens the show discussing Sonny & Natalia’s t-ball game. Adam shares his frustrations about Sonny not wearing his team hat, and complains about kids not being afraid of their parents anymore. He also rants about a commemorative award where his name was spelled wrong, and online comments that pissed him off. David Wild is also in studio, and talks with Adam about some songs you probably don’t know, but should. Greg Fitzsimmons joins the podcast next, and the guys commiserate over how crappy LA is for getting a crowd to see your comedy show. They joke about performing in Colombia, and discuss the violence and prostitutes in the city. Greg and David also talk about a project they were working on together a while back, and Adam jumps in to reminisce over crappy producers. In the last part of the show, the guys jump to the phones to take your relationship calls. Adam speaks with a caller who wants to know about abuse victims, and another who is considering getting into porn. They also talk with a caller dating a girl with three kids from three dads. As the show wraps up, Greg recalls almost getting into a fight in Mexico, and Adam discusses getting harassed in the Hollywood Hills.


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