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At the top of the pod, the guys talk about Bald Bryan being late due to a tire problem on his way in. Adam also brings up the weird Rotten Tomatoes rating for a movie called ‘Bone Tomahawk’, and takes a call from RJ Bell. RJ talks about the importance of winning, standing for the national Anthem, and ‘RJs Parlay’. After that, check out Adam and Shek for today’s Good Sports segment.

Gilbert Gottfried is in studio next, and Adam compliments him on his amazing new doc. The guys talk about being a private person but letting a camera crew tape your life, the disbelief that they were on MTV at one point, and roasting Hugh Heffner only a couple days after 9/11. Later the group chats about the AFLAC controversy, the death of Gilbert’s sister, and turning men into gossip queens. As the show wraps up, the group talks more about our overly offended culture, and pre-programming your hotel room with your TV show preferences before you get there.

Watch ‘Gilbert’, in theaters this November. For more info, visit, as well as You can also follow Gilbert on Twitter @GilbertGottfried.


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