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Adam opens the show with more bad news about his dog Molly. He then talks about going to Phil Rosenthal’s house this weekend for a movie screening, only to be moved by a music performance. The guys also listen to a new Rich Banks song, and Adam talks to Maxipada about his sleeping habits. Later, David Wild talks about a new doc that he worked on, and Adam discusses the importance (or irrelevance) of good teachers. Dwight Yoakam is in studio next, and he thanks Adam for helping to give his new album such great exposure. Adam also talks with Dwight about the rise and fall of Bakersfield Biscuits, and the guys take a fan phone call. Alison then starts up the news discussing the new American Idol judges, and Miley Cyrus’ reaction to her recent VMA performance. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss why Facebook makes you feel bad about yourself and how often guys think about sex.


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