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Adam talks about putting together his one man show and having to relive all these horrible memories from his past. Adam then talks about a terrible movie he just watched again for the first time since he was a kid, and takes fan phone calls about his latest documentary projects, drama between President Trump and the NFL, and one fan’s visit to the Middle East. Before the break, the guys play a round of Blah Blah Blog.

After today’s Good Sports segment, Dr. Everett Piper joins the show. The guys talk about the problems with coddling our youth, actually learning instead of stating your opinion, and how the definitions of tolerance and love have melded together. They go on discuss feelings vs. truth, disagreement vs. hate, and the lack of joy that’s pervasive in our culture right now. As the show wraps up, Adam and Dr. Everett talk about wisdom.

For more info on today’s guest, check out, and follow him on Twitter @DrEverettPiper.



Von Miller

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