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Adam opens the show discussing his beard, and the differences between his son and daughter’s personalities. Dr. Drew then asks an audience member why they think Adam is their hero. Adam talks about why Dave Matthews is his hero, and chats with the group about the idea of having sex with slaves or dogs. He goes on a rant about seizure alert dogs, and talks with audience members about a bizarre hypothetical fight, and lap dance pricing. Alison begins the news by playing a viral clip involving two Australian morning show DJs prank calling Kate Middleton. The group then discusses proper first date etiquette, and Adam rants about American Girl dolls. Later they talk about Anderson Cooper’s sun blindness, the idea of being turned on by humiliation, and a guy who was ordered to stop procreating until he can support his family. As the show wraps up, Alison reads Forbes’ list of the most overpaid actors, and Adam talks about an awkward situation involving Howard Stern and Stephen Baldwin.


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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler