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Adam opens the show one on one with Dr. Drew. The guys talk about the upsetting death of Mindy McCready, and the terrible backlash Dr. Drew has dealt with since she was a patient on Celebrity Rehab. Eric Roberts then calls in and talks about how Dr. Drew helped bring his family back together. They also discuss how marijuana can affect your alertness, and trying to recover from being a dick your whole life. Heidi Fleiss calls in next and comments on how Celebrity Rehab was the best thing that ever happened to her. She then talks about her experience as a Madam in Los Angeles, and what it was like being in prison. After reading a letter from former patient Mary Carey, Michael Lohan calls into the show. Adam asks him about his daily regiment, and Michael comments on how difficult it is to control your child when they are also struggling with addiction. Rachel Uchitel also phones in to discuss her issues with codependency. They talk about how the tragedy of 9/11 personally destroyed her world, and also the trauma of losing her father at a young age. As the show wraps up, Adam and Drew discuss the catharsis of hearing great success stories from former patients.


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