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At the top of the show, Adam talks about his brand new subscription podcast, ‘Take A Knee’. Dr. Drew is also in studio, and the guys discuss motivational content and Adam’s revelatory Las Vegas weekend with Kimmel and friends. He also rants about terrible cab drivers, snotty airline passengers, and having his booze confiscated on the flight. Dr. Drew then reminds Adam of a very frustrating interaction with a fan. Later, jumps to the phones and talks about how hard to push your kids, and what to do after ending a five-year relationship.

Up next, Bald Bryan reviews ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ during this week’s Hooray for Baldywood. Adam also talks about a couple documentaries he watched over the weekend, and then Alison starts up the news discussing the latest disturbing beheading video from ISIS. They also chat about Al Roker’s new Guinness World Record, and the Cake Boss’s DUI. As the show wraps up, Dr. Drew has an update for Adam on SNL’s Michael Che.


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