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Adam opens the show talking with Alison about 80s neon fashion, and Alison recalls her Electric Youth perfume. Adam also talks about dancing with his daughter, and her first experience with jalapenos. The guys then listen to a clip from the Dennis Prager event, and Adam emphasizes the importance of being happy. Alison’s news covers Super Tuesday results, Breitbart’s ‘damning’ Obama video, and the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Debbie Gibson joins the show next, and flashes back to playing piano at age four. The guys discuss some of their Celebrity Apprentice co-stars, and Debbie explains what it was like having her mom as a manager. Later, the guys have a sing-along and Debbie talks about why she loved Liberace. Adam also asks her how she got involved with Celebrity Apprentice. Alison returns to the news in the last part of the show. The group talks about how beards affect attraction, and also discuss Snooki’s engagement and pregnancy. Also in the news, a girl is suing her college because her roommate had too much sex. As the show wraps up, the gang discusses the upcoming memoir from Justin Bieber’s mom, and why the new show ‘GCB’ is causing controversy. Visit for more info on today’s guest.


Deacon Jones

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Producer: Mike Lynch Producer: Mike Dawson Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Newsgirl: Alison Rosen Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop Associate Producer: Gary Smith Technical Director: Chris Laxamana Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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