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Adam opens the show completely exhausted, and frustrated from an early morning of press. Adam then takes a call from Tom Sizemore, and congratulates him on his four years of sobriety. They also talk about his new mini series ‘Red Road’, and Adam asks him about his Clinton-Hurley story, how he got into acting, and his recovery progress. Next up, some fan phone calls, including some boxing advice to an amateur about to have his first fight. Deaf Frat Guy returns in the second half of the show, distraught over the death of his friend Mike F. The guys still play a round of All Balls or JV despite his emotional state. Gina then begins the news playing a video of Los Angeles gangbangers fighting in Syria. They also discuss a new bill that would mandate parent support classes in order to let your kid advance to the 7th grade. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Lindsay Lohan’s interview with Oprah, and a new app that tells people where to find a clean bathroom in New Orleans.


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