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Adam opens the show complaining further about the need for buffer songs—and now also buffer news stories. David Wild is also in studio, and talks about his screening of ‘The Interview’. Originally the writer of the film was booked for today’s podcast, but due to terrorist threats from the Sony hackers, the crew of the film has been told to not promote. Adam then discusses how weed culture has affected the movie biz and complains about James Franco not returning a favor. On the phones, Adam chats about wearing makeup for Catch a Contractor, the benefits to getting married on Halloween, and trying to verify a motorcycle with Jay Leno.

After the break, Adam takes one last call about sharing space with someone of the opposite sex. Bald Bryan then reviews ‘The Imitation Game’ for this week’s Baldywood. Next up, Alison opens the news with the sad story of the Taliban killing spree in Pakistan that left more than 130 children dead. As the show wraps up, David heads off for his birthday dinner, and Alison reads news stories about body cameras for the LAPD, and the latest will Bill Cosby.


Wish David Wild a happy birthday and follow him on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.


The Imitation Game

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