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Adam takes a call from Susie Essman at the top of the show. They talk briefly about Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the experience of working with Larry David. Adam then has Susie put her husband on the line so he can quiz him on his tool knowledge. Later, Adam rants about the song ‘Harper Valley PTA,’ and its super dumb lyrics. Next up, comedian Dave Hill enters the studio. Adam talks with him about his contributions to This American Life, working at a homeless shelter, and crashing at Moby’s house. Alison starts up the news by discussing another musician-politician clash. They also talk about a toddler fight club, Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood house up for sale, and a new memoir that claims abuse during Dancing with the Stars. Along the way they also discuss Dave’s standup performance in Sing Sing, and terrible construction worker murder. As the show wraps up, Adam recalls the brutal street brawl he was in.


For more on today’s guest, visit, or follow him on Twitter @MrDaveHill. Also be sure to visit, and follow her on Twitter @SusieEssman.

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