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Adam saw comedian Brad Williams wandering through the lobby and asked him to join the stage alongside Alison, Bryan, and Dave Dameshek. Adam rants about the guy who wouldn’t leave his space in the parking lot, and explains the importance of situational awareness. The gang also wonders how certain children’s songs are passed through each generation and Adam complains about TV show pre-interviews. Later, the guys discuss the phenomenon of women wanting to have sex with little people, and Brad explains why he’s happy to be a fetish. The guys play a round of Gaywalking, and listen to another original Dick Banks Christmas Song. Adam and Shek also give some helpful dating advice. Alison then reads news stories about the top 10 most attractive cities, the latest in the search to discover the origins of Mona Lisa, and the rise of the sex coach industry. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about having to watch PBS to get turned on as a kid, and there’s one more news story about glow in the dark freeways.


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Producer: Mike Lynch

Producer: Mike Dawson

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen

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Associate Producer: Gary Smith

Technical Director: Chris Laxamana

Show Summary: Matt Fondiler