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At the top of the show, Adam is finally allowed to address his experience on Celebrity Apprentice. It also allows him to rant about his hotel room, the ‘clearance lady,’ and how some of the other celebrities interacted with each other. Adam also takes calls about going to Australia, the best way to propose, and how to choose the right career path. Dave Dameshek joins the podcast next, and he and Adam talk about guys who put weight on their face, and why Shek could never get away with murder. The guys also discuss Adam’s bachelor party. Later, they get into some football talk, and predict who will make it through the upcoming NFL playoffs.  Alison then opens the news with the story of Michele Bachmann dropping out of the presidential race. Adam wants to know why the candidates who don’t make it through aren’t more upset about it. Adam and Shek then start talking about bizarre movie clichés, and the show wraps up with a discussion of terrible Stallone movies, and terrible booze commercials.


Visit for to check out everything Dave Dameshek is up to at the NFL, and follow him on Twitter @dameshek. VIDEO LINKS Hildebrand Crash Tango & Cash Miller Lite commercial

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