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Adam and the gang open the show with Dave Attell on stage. Adam goes through his bag of swag from a day of press and rants about the abundance of weird water bottles. Attell also rants about hotel rooms and the guys take audience questions. David Alan Grier arrives straight from a performance of Porgy and Bess. Adam talks about watching the Tony Awards, and DAG leads the group in a discussion about pubic hair etiquette. Attell then brings up the Niagara Falls tightrope walker, and the guys recall the legacy of Evel Knievel. Later, Adam and DAG recall a wild night in Las Vegas. Alison opens the news with a list of famous people who were once strippers. They also talk about Orpah’s interview with Kim Kardashian, which leads into a discussion about bizarre sexual fetishes. Other news stories include the KKK trying to adopt-a-highway, and David Arquette’s bar mitzvah. The show wraps up as Adam talks about Lotzi and DAG talks about an awesome Maxim party.


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Producer: Mike Lynch Producer: Mike Dawson Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson Newsgirl: Alison Rosen Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop Associate Producer: Gary Smith Technical Director: Chris Laxamana Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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