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Adam opens the show discussing one of the worst interviews he’s ever had to sit through. He also talks about his offense at being called Conservative, and explains why you shouldn’t eff with the people who are actually earning money. Adam then takes a call from Danica Patrick, and he talks with her about NASCAR, breast cancer awareness, and why she’s not the car buff people think she is. Steve Jones enters the studio next, and Adam talks to him about the Sex Pistols. They also both relate to having disinterested mothers, and Steve discusses how his grandmother raised him. Later, Alison starts up the news with the measure that forces LA porn stars to wear condoms. After a discussion about gay porn and gay bashing, they also talk about facial hair bets and Diane Sawyer’s election day slurs. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about Shaved Dave, Santa Monica Citizen of the Year. [youtube url="" autohide="1" showinfo="0"]


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Diane Sawyer Slurs

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