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Dana Gould joins Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. The guys talk about the glory of Van Halen, and also point out things about one sex that the opposite sex does not care about. Dana also talks about his new show with Dave Grohl, and Adam rants about the new Tyler Perry film. Later, the guys take a call from the guitarist on the Taboo 2 theme song. The top news story is about Donald Trump’s support of Mitt Romney. Adam points out that Trump’s hair is part of his identity, and the guys discuss stars that purposefully disguise themselves as opposed to going out as they’re normally portrayed. The group also talks about Bloomberg’s donation to Planned Parenthood, and Adam breaks down the nation’s mixed message about gambling. Also in the news, Adam Sandler is going to be writing a new film based on the board game Candyland. Alison also mentions some exciting news about friends of the show Patton Oswalt, and Bryan Cranston, both of whom have exciting new TV opportunities. After other stories about Jay Leno and Christina Aguilera, the show wraps up with a hilarious round of This Week in Rage.


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