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Adam opens the show talking with Bryan and Gina about his very eventful day in Las Vegas; including hilarious Ray stories, delayed flights, and a chance encounter with Ron Jeremy. Gina also talks about issues with her move to a new place, and Bryan talks about the plumbing problems he’s having too. Jeff Abraham then joins the podcast, and he shares the same frustrating airport observations that Adam had. Before the break, Jeff talks a bit more about the benefits of Promescent.

Crispin Glover is in studio next, and Adam talks with him about the process of raising money, producing, and promoting your own movies. Crispin also talks about why he likes auditioning, and also why he deals with taboo subjects in his films. Adam then asks Crispin about his thoughts on religion, marriage, and children. Later, Gina begins the news talking about Sarah Palin’s return to the spotlight. They also discuss Will Smith’s reaction to not being nominated for an Oscar, and Stacey Dash’s comments on race. As the show wraps up, the group reacts to a disturbing new poll about college graduates.



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Will Smith

Stacey Dash


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