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Adam opens the show discussing some exciting upcoming Mangria tastings. He also catches everyone up on the Sonny Situation, and talks about whether or not he should trust his son’s word on the stolen money. They also talk about a ridiculous move his old radio producer attempted to make, and the guys listen back on a hilarious Steve Austin TSA PSA. Adam also hints at a story from his race weekend, and brings Chritsopher Titus into the studio. Adam and Titus talk about the funky old guys who drive Corvettes, and the importance of having an emergency hobo. They also discuss a crash at Laguna Seca, and why Adam is glad to be satisfied instead of happy. Next up, the gang takes some fan phone calls, and analyzes the constitutionality of gay marriage. As the show wraps up, the guys question why Canada doesn’t get into more trouble.


Titus’ new stand-up special ‘The Voice In My Head’ will be available Monday April 1st on You can also subscribe to the Christopher Titus Podcast on iTunes, or follow him on Twitter @TitusNation.


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