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Adam opens the show excited to have the first advanced copy of his new book, and he talks about his famous Baldwin Warning System. Adam also discusses a rowdy all-night shoot for Road Hard, and Bald Bryan discusses his book tour. Adam then talks about an email he received from Seth Meyers, and goes on a jag about why it must suck to be an ostrich. In the second half of the show, Carol Leifer joins the podcast, talks with Adam about her experiences in show biz, and gives some great life advice on honing your craft. As the show wraps up, Carol talks about opening for Frank Sinatra, and Adam laughs about a miscommunication with his daughter Natalia over closing her screen.


Click through our Amazon link to get your copy of Carol’s book, ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying’: You can also visit, and follow her on Twitter @CarolLeifer.

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