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Adam opens the show with Sonny in studio. The guys talk about Sonny’s book report, and how much he loves being on the podcast. Shaquille O’Neal then calls in, and Adam explains how much Sonny idolizes him. Adam then asks Shaq about his experiences growing up, and his new podcast. Later, Shaq talks about his signature basketball moves and his work in law enforcement. Before signing off, he reminds Sonny about the importance of listening to your father.

Brian Grazer is in studio next, Adam talks about all of the incredible people that Brian has interviewed over the years. Adam shares his excitement over the topic of curiosity, and wonders why it is not nurtured more in our society. Brian then talks about how he got his start, and when he became fascinated with the topic. Adam asks Brian about how to engage someone who is not naturally curious, and how to be assertive without being pushy. Adam also recalls a conversation he and Brian once had in his Loveline days, and Brian talks about his work with incredible filmmakers. Later, Brian discusses his relationship with Ron Howard, and Adam speaks about some of his favorite films that they are responsible for. As the show wraps up, Adam asks about the latest with the return of Arrested Development.



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